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Bromic Refrigeration are a customer-focused company, nurturing flexible relationships to fulfil the needs of a diverse range of businesses as they grow and change. Unlike other equipment solution providers, Bromic Refrigerations’ sales staff are experts in the industries that they supply, able to tailor perfect product combinations for newly-opened businesses and corporate chains alike. Backed by three decades of experience in manufacture and supply on a commercial scale, you can trust Bromic to continuously support your needs at all stages of our relationship so you can focus on putting our equipment to work!

What Is Rental Plus?

Rental Plus allows businesses to arm themselves with the cutting edge equipment they desire without investing precious capital upfront in rapidly depreciating assets that will bear the brunt of daily business. While competitors are able to offer basic financial assistance, the additional value Bromic Refrigeration offer above the industry standard makes Rental Plus a no brainer!


Industry-Standard Benefits

Fixed, 100% Tax-Deductible Monthly Payments

Expensive equipment costs are broken down into manageable monthly payments, allowing you to conserve cash flow and invest valuable capital in your own success!


Avoid Equipment Obsolescence

Investing in an asset that quickly becomes outdated can force businesses to make do in less than ideal situations. Rental Plus offers the ability to rent the latest equipment and upgrade without old items piling up.


Flexible End-of-Term Options

Buy, upgrade or continue to operate as usual; the choice is yours!


Bundled Cost for Add-On Equipment

Once a complete equipment solution is found, or additional equipment is added, customers are supplied with a single monthly rate. Easy!


Manufacturers’ Warranty

All products are backed by warranty as offered by their manufacturer.


Exclusive Rental Plus Benefits

Single Point of Contact for Payment, Supply & Service

A one-stop-shop that streamlines all aspects of equipment rental. Let US handle your equipment so that YOU can focus on your business.


Direct Import Capabilities

Products are sourced independently to eliminate intermediaries and offer Rental Plus customers competitive rates across our entire range.


Extensive Product Knowledge

Our specialised sales team undergo rigorous product training to gain a comprehensive understanding of our entire product range. This includes an industry-first ‘Suppliers’ Day’ in which staff are presented with in-depth product demonstrations from the manufacturers themselves.


Complete Breakdown Cover for Full Term

Commercial catering and refrigeration equipment undergoes extreme stress for extended periods of time. Rather than rely on warranty alone, Rental Plus customers benefit from breakdown cover for the full term of rental, entitling them to free on-site servicing or replacement with minimal downtime.


National Maintenance & Service Teams

Able to rapidly respond to service requests across the country within business hours.


After-Hours Service Call Centre

We work when you work, with customer service representatives available around the clock.


Hassle-Free Organisation of Manufacturer Warranty Services

We secure exclusive warranty agreements with all of our suppliers. Rental Plus customers can simply contact us with their issue and we will sort out the rest!


Access to Fleet Management Experts

With extensive experience in all aspects of the commercial equipment supply industry, our team of fleet management experts are on call to offer advice on how to best manage the use of our products.


User-Friendly Online Fleet Management Software

Rental Plus customers are offered exclusive access to our simple online fleet management portal. Key features include self-managed requests for service or equipment movement, automated Excel spreadsheet creation for easy asset tracking, and much more!


Off-Site Equipment Storage When Not In Use

Moving or simply need to free up some space? Rental Plus customers are entitled to free off-site equipment storage for up to 4 weeks and we are able to organise transport at your expense.